In 1949, a hardware store is founded by Fernand Demers in the Longueuil Fatima area then composed of farms and located near the St. Laurence River. Mr. Demers is supported by a team of contractors in electricity, plumbing, heating and ventilation.

The initial calling of the business is set and already oriented towards a specialized clientele in spite of the non-orthodox diversification corresponding to that period of time, with the barber chair at front and the sale of electrical appliances.

The Fatima district is growing and in 1967, with the coming of Expo '67 and the construction of the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Tunnel, two industrial parks are born: Longueuil and Boucherville. Longueuil is developing around what is then called Les Firmes Demers.

In 1976, Guy Laforest purchases the hardware store that will become Quincaillerie Demers inc. He will be the one giving Quincaillerie Demers inc. its vocation of industrial hardware store. Mr. Laforest will see in Quincaillerie Demers' location and variety of products a unique development potential compared to most existing hardware stores at the time. Under the guidance of Mr. Laforest, Quincaillerie Demers inc. will increase tenfold its volume of sales. The original building will also be extended to become what it is today, covering the area of Marie-Victorin Boulevard at front and Jean-Louis Street at the back.

In 1986, his son, Alain Laforest, joins Quincaillerie Demers inc. He actively participates in its development getting involved in every sectors of the business but more particularly in restructuring the buying department. He gives Quincaillerie Demers inc. a new orientation centered around more specialized product selections, thus bringing the business to a more competitive level.

In March 1999, Guy Laforest dies suddenly. Alain Laforest then takes over the business and makes its acquisition with Jacques Laforest, one of Guy Laforest's brothers. The first challenge of its new owners is to get the business tuned up with new computerized technologies in order to bring it to the modern world and supply it with necessary tools for its futur development. Secured by the experience of its long-standing personnel, its new employees' dynamism, and being renowned for its highly superior service, Quincaillerie Demers inc. now positions itself amongst Quebec's industrial hardware leaders. Fortified by a clientele of more than 800 industries having an active customer account, Quincaillerie Demers inc. is now flying to new skies!